Brookside Hopes 'Ballsy' Women Crave Its Chocolate

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Brookside is targeting somewhat older women with a campaign centered around their "ballsy" pursuits, in a break from standard candy ads geared toward and starring younger consumers.

A campaign timed to break during National Women's History Month features successful mature females that Brookside paints, in its largely black-and-white ads, as ballsy women pursuing their own passions, often after spending many years working and raising families.

"They can kind of turn and focus on themselves and really start to look at what they want to do with the second half of their life," says Kriston Ohm, senior brand manager, Brookside, refrerring to both the women the brand covets as consumers and the women that appear in the ads.

The women featured in the online campaign include Beth Harrington, a producer, director and writer; Patricia Kelly, a 70-year-old equestrian and philanthropist; Kathy Valentine, former Go-Go's bassist, who is going back to school and writing her memoir; Cara-Beth Burnside, a professional skateboarder and snowboarder; Tish & Snooky, founders of the Manic Panic beauty brand; and Lizz Winstead, a comedian and writer who co-created "The Daily Show."

Along with an anthem-style spot (above), there are individualized spots such as one featuring Valentine (below).

"That's Ballsy," Ohm said, is also a nod to what Brookside calls its "daringly different" combinations of fruit and chocolate, such as acai and dark chocolate. "She's making ballsy moves and our product is daringly different and it sort of goes together," she says, adding that the line is meant as a way of being spirited, with a bit of an edge.

The dark chocolate-covered-fruit brand, which also makes clusters and bars, began using the "That's Ballsy" line in limited social media messages social media in December. Previously, Brookside had been targeting women who are a bit younger and used the tagline "for all your sides." Hershey Co. acquired Brookside in 2012.

The undisclosed media investment will be largely in digital and social media, including ads running on streaming services rather than on traditional TV.

Brookside works with Anomaly on creative, UM on media and Zeno on public relations.

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