Does This Spot Make You Smile? Kaleidoscope of Ingredients for Campbell's Well Yes

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Campbell Soup Co. is set to air its first Golden Globes and Grammys soup commercials to introduce Well Yes, a line cooked up by employees that features ingredients such as farro, kale, quinoa and sweet potatoes.

Campbell, which holds a commanding yet declining lead in the U.S. canned soup industry, is positioning Well Yes as "A Soup in the Right Direction." The nine-flavor line is one of its big bets in selling food free from artificial flavors, with more of an emphasis on transparency about what is in its products.

Well Yes began appearing in stores in December. Advertising kicks off Sunday with a 30-second spot during both NBC's Golden Globe pre-show and the awards show itself. The commercial asks "can an ingredients list make you smile?" and shows ingredients including carrots and chicken playfully moving around before declaring the answer which is, of course, the brand name -- Well Yes.

"We were looking for something that felt a little more humble and had a human element to it," Mark Materacky, director-marketing activation for soup and broth, said of the tagline presented by BBDO. "'A Soup in the Right Direction' just felt like it really captured all that."

In the coming weeks, Campbell plans to run a spot during the Grammy Awards and during primetime shows including "This Is Us," "The Bachelor" and "Modern Family." There are also plans for an integration on daytime show "The Chew."

The push comes as Campbell and other marketers try to win over diners with foods emphasizing "real" ingredients. While the Well Yes line is not organic, it does have some ingredients that are not found in traditional canned soups. Egg noodles in the chicken noodle soup are made with both wheat flour and quinoa flour. The nutrition information online for the Sweet Potato Corn Chowder lists "carefully chosen water" as the first ingredient, followed by corn, sweet potatoes and other ingredients including red peppers and leeks.

For Campbell, introducing Well Yes is a fresh way to try to ignite declining sales of shelf-stable soup. Campbell's leading share of the U.S. shelf-stable category fell to 41.7% in 2016 from 43.6% in 2015, according to Euromonitor International data. Follower General Mills's Progresso also saw its share decline, to 16.6% from 17.2%, Euromonitor data showed.

Along with the 30-second commercial, there are two 15-second spots focused on Well Yes chicken noodle soup (above) and an Italian vegetables with farro variety (below).

The line has an average retail price of $2.69 per can, in line with Campbell's other ready-to-serve lines including Chunky and Homestyle.

Six print ads use a similar construct to the TV spots and the can itself. Each has a question for which the answer is "Well Yes" and features a bright color on the upper half of the page and black on the bottom. That look is also carried through in other materials, such as in-store displays and free standing insert (FSI) materials.

Along with TV and print, Campbell is spending "disproportionately" on shopper marketing for this launch, Mr. Materacky said. Along with in-store displays and sampling, Campbell is offering high value coupons to entice consumers, including offers of $1 off and $1.50 off, as well as some for the full value of a can.

"We probably have been a bit more aggressive in terms of our coupon values for Well Yes to really incent that first purchase," he said.

BBDO is the creative agency on the brand, with MEC on media, Mars on in-store and consumer promotions and Edelman on public relations.

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