See The Spot: Colorado Tells Smokers the Do's and Don'ts of Pot

State Starts Educational Pot Campaign

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Keep your weed away from children, don't take pot out of Colorado and don't drive while high: Those are some of the topics covered in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's first educational campaign since the state made the selling of recreational pot legal in 2014.

The campaign, called "Good to know," was created by Denver-based indie shop Cactus and will begin Feb. 23. The 18-month, $4 million effort will include an animated TV spot, out-of-home ads, the website, social media outreach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, radio, print and digital.

"Good to Know" focuses on retail marijuana laws, which limit purchases to buyers 21 years old and up, ban use in public places and prohibit tourists taking weed home with them. There's also messaging about protecting children from accidental marijuana consumption.

Colorado's Department of Transportation started TV ads last year about pot use, but the focus was on driving while high and poked fun at pot users. The current campaign has a gentler tone.

"Our job was not to encourage marijuana use, or to judge it, but rather to create an educational campaign that's interesting, relevant and likeable in order to ensure the messages would be welcomed by, and helpful to, individuals on all sides of the issue," said Brian Watson, VP-creative director at Cactus, in a statement.

Cactus will also tailor marketing aimed at youth, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and Colorado's Latino population over the next few months.

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