See the Spot: AT&T Pays Tribute to Jordan Spieth

Ad Shows Elaborate Mosaic Made of 24,000 Golf Balls

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Last week AT&T and BBDO used 24,152 golf balls to create a mosaic of young golf pro and AT&T athlete Jordan Spieth. The mosaic was done as a tribute to Mr. Spieth, in an effort to congratulate him on his impressive championship season.

Now the company is taking that tribute and launching TV and print ads beginning Wednesday.

The golfer has indeed had a great year: He won the 2015 Masters Tournament (he tied Tiger Wood's record set in 1997, and became the second youngest person to win the Masters, behind Mr. Woods), and then won the 2015 U.S. Open. The 22-year-old also won the FedEx Cup.

The TV spot is simple: a camera zooms out from one golf ball to show the entire mosaic, with audio accompaniment from actual tournaments. Said a spokesman in an email: "From a creative standpoint, it's really just to put viewers in the moment of a golfer making a putt (not necessarily a specific putt from Jordan's season) -- hearing the ooos and aaahhs from the crowd and then the ball finally being holed, resulting in cheers. What you also hear is Dan Hicks' commentary from that last putt at the Tour championship as well." Mr. Spieth won the Tour championship, as it is part of the FedEx Cup.

Mr. Spieth, who first signed a multiyear deal with AT&T in May 2014, could also be seen in commercial breaks during the Masters, thanks to his ad for AT&T's popular "It can wait" series that illustrates the perils of using their phones while driving.

BBDO and AT&T built the mosaic in Dallas over three days. It took 1,000 man hours and 25 people to place the 24,000-plus golf balls on tees. A behind-the-scenes video can be seen below.

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