See The Spot: Sweetarts Digital Push Stars Influencers

Nestlé Candy Brand's 'Follow Your Tart' Campaign Includes Singer, Gamer and LARPer

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Sweetarts Follow Your Tart
Sweetarts Follow Your Tart Credit: Sweetarts via YouTube

Sweetarts is out with a new digital campaign aimed at candy fans, particularly millennials.

Sweetarts is the top initiative within Nestlé's confections division this year. The brand is getting increased marketing support as part of "an overall relaunch and repositioning" with a fresh tone and voice, said Sweetarts Brand Manager Meghan Erickson.

The push comes after Sweetarts introduced a ropes candy last year, followed by mini gummy bites and soft bites this year.

The new campaign features singer/songwriter Troye Sivan and his song "Youth," gamer Adam Montoya -- better known as SeaNanners, and Mo Mo O'Brien, whose posts on YouTube and elsewhere focus on Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing.

The "Follow Your Tart" summer campaign officially kicks off Wednesday with the release of a 60-second anthem video.

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The video includes Mr. Sivan's song "Youth" and shows him, Mr. Montoya and Ms. O'Brien, a mix of Sweetarts products and phrases including "Follow Your Passion" and "Follow Your Tart" on the screen.

"These are people that really have this extreme passion in something that they do and we want to celebrate that," Ms. Erickson said. "We celebrate and want to share in the love of following your passion."

The 60-second video and shorter versions are set to run on Sweetarts' owned social channels as well as on YouTube and on its influencers' more popular social channels. Mr. Montoya, for example, has more than 5 million followers on YouTube and more than 922,500 on Twitter, eclipsing the 11,900 or so who follow Sweetarts. The candy brand is also trying to expand its social reach by expanding to Instagram and Snapchat.

The brand's "Follow Your Tart" tour plans include Sweetarts' first stop at VidCon, the online video conference in Anaheim later this week. Sweetarts will be a booth sponsor and plans to have Mr. Montoya appear.

Swift and Golin are working on the campaign, with MetaVision Media on media.

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