Squatty Potty: Back to Poop as Usual Post-Kathy Griffin

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There's life after Kathy Griffin for Squatty Potty, and it's much like life beforehand. America's leading defecation enhancement tool has returned to its original agency—Harmon Brothers—and prince spokesman, along with a gold-pooping dragon.

Squatty Potty is a step-like device that "is designed to help users assume the squatting position while using the bathroom, delivering fast, complete elimination with comfort and ease," according to the company (there is also now a child's version). The new spot is the first from the brand since a three-week run with Griffin as spokeswoman in May was cut short by the uproar over her ill-fated appearance with a wax likeness of the severed head of Donald Trump.

Harmon Brothers, the Provo, Utah-based agency that created the brand's initial unicorn ad has signed on to do a series of new ads, says Bobby Edwards, CEO of St. George, Utah-based Squatty Potty. Bravery Films created the Griffin ad.

Asked about Griffin, Edwards says: "I feel bad about that, but I guess we're going to move on."

He doubts the brand's brief representation by Griffin did any harm. "I think we recovered OK," he says. "I tried to keep it not-political, saying we just want to help people poop better. But we got so many negative phone calls, so much controversy, that we just had to drop the campaign."

Even so, 3 million units have sold in the past year, versus 2 million total in prior years, Edwards says.

The original ad has 170 million views to date.

Besides the dragon, the ad shows a toileting-challenged female centaur and mer-man, and even offers a guarantee that "you'll go twice as fast, or your money back."

Harmon Brothers also created viral hits for Poo-Pouri, and its principals were involved in creating successful videos for Ora-Brush prior to launching the agency.

Things haven't gotten much better for Griffin since the Trump incident. In a Facebook post Monday, she said she's been blacklisted by Hollywood, pointing to emails suggesting a rescinded invitation to speak at a Hollywood Reporter event. She hasn't had a paid gig in the U.S. since May, but begins a comedy tour in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Western Europe and Iceland on Thursday.

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