Macy's Cuts Jobs as Trump Supporters, Missing Irony, Celebrate

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Credit: Macy's

After building his campaign platform on the promise of more jobs in America, a company that Donald Trump urged customers to boycott is now laying off more than 10,000 employees.

Macy's announced earlier this week that it will be cutting some 10,100 jobs—3,900 are store associates from locations that will be closing as part of a 100-store reduction for the 728-unit chain. An additional 6,200 employees will be let go as the $27.1 billion department store strives to reduce its annual costs by $550 million amid faltering sales. Over the two-month holiday period of November and December, the brand's same-store sales fell by 2.1%. Globally, Macy's employs 157,900 per the company's website.

News of the layoffs follows efforts in recent years by Mr. Trump to boycott Macy's after the retailer stopped carrying his line of menswear in 2015. Macy's had carried the merchandise for more than a decade, and even featured Mr. Trump in several commercials, but severed the relationship when Mr. Trump made what were widely perceived to be racist remarks about Mexicans. In the 18 months since, Mr. Trump has often tweeted the hashtag #boycottmacys and #dumpmacys.

Some Twitter users and supporters of the president-elect immediately took to Twitter on Thursday to celebrate Macy's financial struggles and the job losses.

"Remember when @Macys called #Trump racist? #BoycottMacys worked! #Macys IS Cutting 10K Jobs/Closing 68 stores!," tweeted @DrT_Joix.

Another, @JustMy_NameHere, wrote, "I've been TEAM #Trump & #BoycottMacys so long I don't even miss them anymore. Sorry, NOT SORRY #DumpMacys."

"When [email protected] decided to dump Trump, I decided to #DumpMacys Shouldn't have gone all #PoliticallyCorrect on us," wrote Twitter user @ttegar.

In November, after the election results, Macy's Chief Executive Terry Lundgren told TheStreet that he stood by the decision to stop carrying the president-elect's brand.

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