Dollar Shave Club's new campaign shows CEO stuffing toilet paper down there

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Dollar Shave Club aims to show it's more than a razor subscription service in a new campaign portraying the embarrassing and sometimes painful things guys do in the privacy of their bathrooms.

That includes duct-tape chest waxing, copious use of baby powder and body sprays to freshen up genitalia—with a cameo by CEO Michael Dubin, who stuffs toilet paper into the crotch of his undies to plump up the bulge—to the tune of Steve Lawrence's "I've Gotta Be Me."

The latest work from DSC's in-house agency veers from the usual quick jokes and sight gags toward the macabre.

"Dollar Shave Club has been evolving," Dubin says, explaining the new "Get Ready" video. "As a startup, we were a company that sent you razors in a box once a month or every other month. We're moving into being a company that sends you everything you need in the bathroom to look, smell and feel your best."

He adds that the approach also hopes to show guys that Dollar Shave Club is a place to turn to for advice as well as products.

The new 3:40 video will be cut into shorter safe-for-TV and outdoor versions.

"In the past, we always showed kind of the Dollar Shave Club archetype guy," says Matt Knapp, executive creative director for the Unilever brand. "In this campaign we want to take a more honest approach."

The work is based on research on about what DSC members really do in the bathroom, says Alec Brownstein, global executive creative director.

Parent company Unilever won't give precise sales numbers for DSC, but Dubin says it continues to grow sales at a "double-digit pace."

Two years after the acquisition by Unilever, Dubin says the new video "should answer the question as to whether we feel any creative constraints in terms of how we evolve and communicate our brand."

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