VR and AR: What Are the Real-World Marketing Implications?

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Credit: Rob Tannenbaum

Almost every major technology company is touting new headsets and software for 360 video and virtual reality. Pokémon Go became the hit of the summer, giving the masses a glimpse of augmented reality's potential. And Magic Leap shared more clues about its offering, a medium the secretive startup refers to as "mixed reality."

But beyond the terminology, product launches and venture capital investment, do marketers truly know which platform is right for their needs? Is the industry, as Jeremy Bailenson, director of Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, argues, missing the point by "trying to use the template they have for their old mediums and bring it to VR"?

That's what Ad Age is looking to answer, as well as other questions you might be too afraid to ask. The Ad Age Brand Summit on Nov. 2 and 3 in Los Angeles features three sessions focused on the current solutions and future opportunities of these new, modified-reality platforms.

Check out what Brand Summit will tackle:

  • In the session titled Reframing the Narrative: Ad Opportunities in Virtual Reality, executives from OMD, Isobar, RYOT and Emblematic Group explore the latest VR and immersive video offerings available to marketers and content producers, predict what form ad integration will take and share where they think brands fit in.
  • The panel VR, AR, MR, 360 and Beyond: What's Coming Next? brings leaders from emerging platforms to clear up misperceptions of the technology available today and debate what 2017 will bring.
  • As part of our popular Behind the Work Series, a talk by Mountain Dew and digital agency Firstborn offers a look at the creation of a recent VR experience and what they learned in the process.

Don't miss these insights. Be part of the conversation by registering for Brand Summit in Los Angeles at adage.com/brandsummit2016. Because you're an Ad Age reader, you can save 15% at checkout (if you haven't already registered) with the code READER.

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