See the Spot: Wonderfully Creepy Dolls Help Sell Wonderful Halos Mandarin Oranges

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Wonderful Halos' 'Doll House' spot.
Wonderful Halos' 'Doll House' spot. Credit: Wonderful Halos

Wonderful Halos is stepping up its marketing with a trio of new spots that show kids opting for good choices.

The brand of mandarin oranges from Wonderful Brands, whose other products include Pom Wonderful and Wonderful Pistachios, is spending about $30 million on its latest marketing campaign. That's $5 million more than in the prior season, thanks to its largest crop yet.

Commercials set to air starting on Halloween include one in which a girl holding the fruit finds herself in a creepy room filled with dolls and makes the "good choice, kid" to hightail it out of there. A 15-second version of the "Doll House" spot will run on TV, and a 30-second version (below) will live online.

Three other spots suggest kids who eat Halos know better than to take a bite of a poisonous apple, join the circus or break into a construction site.

The season for selling mandarins grown in the U.S. runs from November to April.

The new campaign follows last season's push, which centered around parents who needed to restock Halos for children who'd turned sinister -- duct-taping a sibling to the door, for example, or leaving a stuffed-animal horse head in bed next to a dad.

Michael Perdigao, president, the Wonderful Agency, said last season's "If you don't have Halos, they don't have Halos" campaign "helped generate awareness of the brand and catapulted us to become the No. 1 mandarin brand."

When Wonderful Halos debuted in 2013, Wonderful Brands set plans to spend $100 million on marketing over the next five years. Initial years' campaigns totaled about $20 million each, Mr. Perdigao said.

The new campaign comes from the company's in-house creative team, The Wonderful Agency. The spots were directed by award-winning director Wayne McClammy. Wonderful said it worked with Moving Picture Company, just as it did on the recently-launched campaign for sibling brand Wonderful Pistachios, which is also spending more after a big crop.

The "Good Choice, Kid" campaign also includes print, out-of-home, national FSIs, in-store displays and public relations outreach.

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