CES Is Digital Media Mecca -- but Good Luck Getting a Meeting

Buddy Media CEO Turns Down Invitation From Hollywood Powerhouse Ari Emanuel

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LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- Look no further than Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow to see just how tight CES has become.

"I had to turn down a dinner with Ari Emanuel," he said about the Hollywood agent over breakfast at the Palazzo just before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show. "I had already committed to other things."

Michael Lazerow
Michael Lazerow
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That includes meetings with significant brands such as Coke, which is looking to Buddy to augment its Facebook presences. Buddy is one of the preferred developers for the social network, licensing its software to agencies and brands to help them better manage their Facebook pages, from controlling its updates to culling data on the amount of "likes," as well as the all-important demographic data that come along with it. The Facebook-developer business has become increasingly crucial to brand marketers and agencies, underscored by the fact that WPP took a $5 million stake in the New York-based startup in October.

At CES, Buddy has lined up meetings with companies throughout the first day. "For us, CES is the digital-media-industry mecca," Mr. Lazerow said. He recounted how he first came to CES last year because one of Buddy Media's clients asked him to present to the full company. Now, he sees the value of CES to digital media startups.

"It gives us scale in terms of doing meetings," he said. "Instead of having to do like 10 road trips, we can bring clients and potential clients into our suite and present."

While Mr. Emanuel may not have gotten an audience this time around, Mr. Lazerow assures he's making every opportunity to meet with everyone he can. "It's all about getting time with people, and that's what CES is about," he said.

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