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CES: LG Pushes Content to Sell Its New Phone

ESPN's ScoreCenter Provides HD Video to Device

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Among the Korean manufacturer's big reveals at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, LG unveiled its new Spectrum smartphone for Verizon Wireless.

With hundreds of similar Android devices sure to flood the market this week, what's this one's big sell? Sports TV on your phone.

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To showcase the device's souped-up display -- LG says the phone uses the same technology as its high-def TVs -- the Spectrum comes preloaded with ESPN's ScoreCenter app that includes a HD video feed only available on this device.

This is where access to content may help the phone stand out in a market crowded with devices running Android software similar to LG's Spectrum. Nearly half of the 91.4 million Americans that owned smartphones during the three months ending in November have Android devices from a range of manufacturers, according to ComScore.

LG is the second-biggest phone manufacturer in the U.S. after Samsung. Aimed straight at sports fanatics, here's a first look at TV ads for Spectrum starring ESPN anchor Stuart Scott. San Francisco ad agency DOJO created the "You've Never Seen This" campaign for Spectrum.

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