The Daily Adds Android Version on Verizon-Marketed Tablets

News Corp.'s 'iPad Newspaper' Also Working on iPhone and Kindle Apps

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Originally billed as an 'iPad newspaper,' The Daily is coming to other devices.
Originally billed as an 'iPad newspaper,' The Daily is coming to other devices.

Rupert Murdoch's swing-for-the-fences "iPad newspaper" has found a second home: Android tablets. And more devices are on the horizon.

A little more than 11 months after The Daily debuted on Apple's iPad, the News Corp. outlet said today that the app will be available on certain Verizon-marketed devices, starting this month with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Daily will come preloaded for Galaxy Tab 10.1 buyers and will be impossible to delete -- perhaps an added incentive for users to try the tablet publication.

Current Galaxy Tab owners will get the app through a software update, while The Daily will be offered on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at a later date, the company said.

News Corp. is working to bring The Daily to other non-Verizon Android tablets, whose users will be able to download the app from Android Market.

"Advertisers want us to be everywhere consumers are and we want to, too," Greg Clayman, publisher of The Daily, told Ad Age . "The transition to Android tablets is a natural transition."

Mr. Clayman, who was in Las Vegas today to demonstrate the app at the Consumer Electronics Show, said The Daily would become available on iPhone and Kindle Fire devices in the next year. "Those are the products we are working on right now," he said.

In October, Mr. Clayman told Ad Age that The Daily had 120,000 active weekly readers, 80,000 paying for the app and 40,000 on a free trial. Mr. Clayman said today that the company and the advertising community are more interested in monthly metrics -- a common time frame for benchmarks elsewhere in digital media -- so those are the numbers The Daily is tracking going forward. He said The Daily now has more than 200,000 monthly readers, with 100,000 paid subscribers.

With the launch of the Android version, News Corp. is experimenting with its pricing structure. The cost of the Android version is $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year. The iPad version costs $0.99 a week and $39.99 a year, with no monthly option. Android users will get a one-week free trial starting when they first access the app.

Mr. Clayman said The Daily will split revenue with Verizon, though he would not provide details of the financial arrangement.

The Daily was the No. 3 highest-grossing iPad app in 2011, after the games Angry Birds and Smurfs' Village, according to Apple.

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