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Electronics Marketers Very Worried About February 2009 TV Signal Switch

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LAS VEGAS ( -- The world of consumer electronics marketing poured into the Las Vegas Convention Center this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The event, which included displays by 2,700 vendors across 2 million square feet of expo space, provided a crystal ball of sorts for divining emerging trends in digital communications devices as well as industry controversies. Below are some video highlights.

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Electronics Retailers Worried About TV Broadcast Cutoff

The "Retail Power Panel" participants at the Consumer Electronics Show were all apprehensive about whether the big electronics marketers will be prepared for a rush of millions of analog TV owners who will lose their TV signals in February 2009. Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson said it was the "biggest risk" his chain now faces.
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The Automobile as Consumer Electronics Device

In a history-making marketing move, GM became the first automaker to ever introduce a new vehicle model on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show. And, as it rolled into the spotlight, the Cadillac Provoq also demonstrated how the previously very separate automotive and consumer electronics industries are rapidly converging.

Comcast Chief Takes on Customer-Service Issue

Comcast Chairman-CEO Brian Roberts addressed the widely published issue of Comcast's customer-service problems. He said that the cable provider's "customer service must reach new levels of excellence" and that "I am personally committed to making sure that we always show respect for our customers. If we mess up, we fess up."

Battle for the Third-World Children's Laptop Market

Days before the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show, Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child program had an ugly fallout with its largest financial supporter, Intel Corp. The battle between the two -- a struggle to control the market for millions of low-cost children's laptop computers in third-world countries -- continued when both parties made stage appearances at the Las Vegas show.

Panasonic Unveils Monstrous Flat-Panel TV

Toshirio Sakamoto, president of Panasonic AVC Networks, unveiled a 150-inch flat-panel TV screen for the consumer market that brought the CES audience to its feet. Meanwhile, Comcast President Brian Roberts detailed the cable giant's plans to vastly increase the amount of on-demand video content it offers viewers.

GM Chief Unveils Cadillac Provoq at CES

Unveiling the Provoq, Cadillac's new concept vehicle powered by electricity rather than petroleum, GM CEO Rick Wagoner pointed out to the Consumer Electronics Show audience that the car even has roof-mounted solar panels to provide the energey for its high-performance music system.
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CES Chief Blasts Congress and Presidential Hopefuls

In his keynote address at his group's annual confab, Consumer Electronics Association President-CEO Gary Shapiro let loose a volley of strong words at Congress, the media and some of the current crop of presidential hopefuls for the threat that he said could cripple the U.S. market for consumer digital products.

Five Minutes of Bill Gates' CES Predictions

Calling the internet "the cloud," outgoing Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates made his predictions about the continuing change he sees in media and marketing communications technologies in the coming decade. For instance, he envisions a near-future world of "high-definition experiences everywhere" on screens spanning the surfaces of furniture as well as architectural spaces.

Yahoo Marketing Adds an Exclamation Point to Daily Life

Appearing in the CES "Industry Insiders" sessions, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang recapped the marketing points the company is using to sell its services against those of arch-rival Google. Yahoo's new marketing mantra is "Life!," which, he said, describes the full experience of anchoring one's daily internet interactions on a search-engine portal.

CES Video Blog: Interview With Jeff Minsky

Armed with a small video camera, Ad Age editors Matthew Creamer and Abbey Klaassen take to the floor at the Consumer Electronics Show. The first target of their video blogging is Jeff Minsky, the director of Next, Omnicom Media Group's digital unit. And what product category has most drawn his interest? TVs with built-in web access.
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