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Editorial calendar

A PDF of our current editorial calendar can be found here.

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor may be sent to [email protected]

To send correspondence via mail, please address to:
Brian Braiker
Ad Age
685 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017


Ad Age may run original op-eds, viewpoint pieces and other select content from members of the marketing and media industries. To submit your pitch or completed pieces for consideration, email [email protected]

Please note that acceptance does not guarantee final publication, publication dates or section placements.

Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot reply to every email we receive.

Criteria and guidance for contributors:

Individual point of view. All pieces must reflect the individual's own opinion, view and expertise. Pieces should not concern the author's company, services or solutions. Any potential conflict of interest that would cast doubt on the credibility of your article or Ad Age must be disclosed upfront.

Relevance. The most successful proposed pieces take stands on timely questions that matter to the Ad Age audience. Please keep submitted pieces to 750 word or less.

If you're pitching an idea rather than a completed piece, concisely tell us what your piece will say and why Ad Age and its audience will care. Canned pitches will be rejected.

Exclusivity. Pieces should not have run elsewhere and should not be simultaneously pitched to other media, in print or digital. If we run your piece, Ad Age retains exclusive rights for one week.

Quality. Writing should be conversational in style, accessible and comprehensible. Jargon should be avoided at all costs.

Full pieces should be well polished when submitted. Facts and quotes should be in order and accurate. If quoting someone you haven't spoken to directly, include a link to the quote source. Do not embed hyperlinks. Please place the URL in parentheses immediately after the word or phrase that should be linked.

Ad Age editors have final say in the shape the pieces will take. In the instance of significant edits by Ad Age, contributors will get one read-back after first edit. All other editing/copyediting decisions (including headlines, length captions, etc.) will be made by Ad Age. Once an item is live on site, stylistic changes and tweaks to the copy cannot be made.

Legal acknowledgement. Contributors must acknowledge the following: "I understand and accept that Crain Communications will, upon initial publication, own my contributed content and may at any point repurpose the content for publication in print or online in any of Crain's magazines and websites." Contributors will be required to sign a License to Publish Materials or similar agreement.

Article promotion. You are encouraged to promote your Ad Age contribution as much as possible. Feel free to share your contribution via your social channels, website or blog. Pieces may be posted in full elsewhere after they have been live on AdAge.com for one week.

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