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More adjustments re September's Production Company Special Report. RSA: principals include EP Tracie Norfleet, Rhea Scott (Little Minx, Norowzian)and EP Desley Gregory (Joy Films, RSA U.K.), while the roster no longer includes Erick Ifergan, Derin Seale, Jim Sonzero and Jeremy Rall. The RSA roster does include the Polish Brothers, Joe Carnahan, Andrew Dominik, Angel Gracia, Brent Harris, Wayne Holloway, Kaz Kiriya, Nick Livesey, John Moore, Sean Mullens and Mehdi Norowzian. RSA's Little Minx roster includes Laurent Briet, H5, Mat Kirkby, Josh Miller, Christophe Navarre, Malik Hassan Sayeed and Dawn Shadforth. Omaha Pictures: the roster includes Zach Math and Todd Field; Steve Hudson is not with the company. Apologies to all.

In the November Guest Review, a production error caused Bruce Bildsten's Toyota "Wheel" review to lose a star. For the record, he gave this spot three stars.

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