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* "Wal-Mart Tries To Be MySpace. Yes, Seriously" (AA, July 17) incorrectly states that the teens featured on the opening page of are "actors reading a script." The AdReview column the following week, "Oh My God, Wal-Mart! The Hub Is, Like, So Awful" (AA, July 24), suggested that the videos had been ghostwritten by adults. In fact, the teens were not actors. They were given only the tagline, "School your way," and improvised the rest with minimal direction.

* The story "Cheeseburger in Paradise" (AA, July 17) incorrectly reported that "The Quad weighs in at 1,000 calories, just 10 more calories than a Double Whopper with Cheese, but with half the amount of meat." The Quad Stacker, with four smaller patties, has the same amount of meat as the Double Whopper, with two larger patties.
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