Justin Booth-Clibborn Joins BBH N.Y. as Head of Integrated Production

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BBH New York has named Justin Booth-Clibborn as its head of integrated production. With the move, Booth-Clibborn ends his 11-year stint at Psyop, where he last served as CMO and managing partner. During his tenure, he had been instrumental in growing Psyop from a boutique design and animation firm into one of the industry's most respected production players, with a lineup of notable work for clients like Coca-Cola, including "Happiness Factory," Fanta, Adidas, Microsoft, AT&T, for agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Ogilvy, Crispin, BBDO and more.

"I'm super excited," says Booth-Clibborn. "This has been a long time in the making for me. I've been thinking for a while about a new challenge. I've wanted to get further upstream and closer to brands and clients and be more at the center of conversations at that level. To me, it's always been about great creative work. That remains as true for this move as it did when I first met up with Pysop and the insanely talented people there. It's about taking another step to do something different, but also still about being at the center of great work."

"Justin is going to bring a unique, well-rounded perspective, having been on the production side, and working at a company that is driven both by technology and storytelling," says BBH CCO John Patroulis, who had worked with Psyop on the gorgeous Fable III "Revolution" spot at his previous shop, agencytwofifteen. "He's so creatively driven. Every conversation we had was always about creativity and the work, and that of course is what I was looking for."

Booth-Clibborn's ad career started in London, where he worked as an agency account executive and planner, before he moved to the production side. He had also worked as a freelance producer at effects shop Method Studios and a director/producer at Propaganda Films.

As for what Booth-Clibborn will be jumping into next, Patroulis says "This is more about how we're shaping the agency itself and how we're looking at production and its role in the creative process. We're doing more production that doesn't fall into neat categories, taking a more integrated approach and Justin is going to be a big part of that."

Booth-Clibborn says he leaves Psyop in the good hands of its current management team, which includes L.A. and N.Y. managing directors/executive producers Neysa Horsburgh and Lucia Grillo, COO Mark Tobin and CEO Rob Walston, as well as Adina Sales and Jay Lichtman, who respectively run Psyop sibling shops BlackList and MassMarket, respectively.

Booth-Clibborn's signing fills a hole briefly left by Lora Schulson who in January had signed to the post but soon after moved on to a similar role at Wieden + Kennedy, New York.

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