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Elliot and Taylor Jobe (pictured) have launched THERE, a bicoastal company specializing in the capture and compositing of digital sets with green-screen production. Its service enables both director and DP to interact with talent on green screen as if they were shooting in an actual location. Recent projects have included commercials for Virgin America and Crystal Geyser, featuring digital sets of a plane interior and a modern kitchen, respectively; and a 'Rock Center' promo with Brian Williams, featuring digital sets for seven floors of Rockefeller Center-based productions. THERE evolved from what was known as LiveLocation in 2010. In 2002, creative director Elliott Jobe and business development director Taylor Jobe co-founded Dieselfx, expanding to integrated offerings such as print, interactive, production, design, VFX and content direction.

New York and Philadelphia-based Bigsmack has hired animator/designer Wonhee Lee as creative director. Lee's career includes creative assignments for Coke, Nike, Apple, NBC, FOX, Honda, Pepsi and more. He started his career at Fox Television in the design department, before leaving to join the creative studio National Television, Los Angeles, as a art director. In 2007 he joined the design/animation house Buck, Los Angeles. He has worked freelance with studios as Psyop, Brand New School, TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Bl:ind, Digital Kitchen and Blur. In 2007 he launched Mobius, an LA-based gallery and retail space.

Lost Highway Films has added director Elma Garcia to its roster. Garcia has worked on productions for such brands as Nike, Coca-Cola, Audi, Microsoft, American Express, Levi's, Porsche, Pfizer, Jack Daniels and AT&T.

New York creative studio Charlex is promoting director/CD Ryan Dunn to executive creative director. Dunn, who will continue to direct, has recently worked on projects for Verizon, Subway, AT&T and a trio of ads for Sherwin-Williams featuring a mailbox as a main character. Other recent work includes commercial projects for GlobalHue, McDonald's and NCPC.

Music production company Apollo Studios has opened up a new office in Los Angeles and formed a partnership with music supervisor Koo Abuali. Abuali has recently returned to LA after spending the last six months in Apollo's Montreal office, where she was the music supervisor for the new Julia Roberts project 'Mirror Mirror' directed by Tarsem Singh.

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