Superdupers Head to HSR

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Four veterans of New York's Superdupe Recording have left to join HSR Studios. It was announced last week that mixers Glenn Navia, Henri Perotti and Bill Smith, as well as music director Andrew Knox have made the move to Manhattan-based HSR. As HSR founder Howard Schwartz observes, HSR has had the "same phone number and same management for 20 years," while Superdupe has had four different owners in that time. Most recently, Superdupe was acquired last year when the New York Media Group was purchased by Creative Content Artists (then known as Burning Suits), and has since become part of CCA's sound division, Octopus' Garden, along with former New York Media Group properties East Side and Lower East Side.

"People have a choice," Schwartz says. "Clients will choose to work with certain mixers, and mixers have a choice of where they want to work. When the work environment gets to be too much, they can choose to go somewhere else."

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