Creatives You Should Know 2013: Susan Young and Daniela Vojta

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Saatchi & Saatchi New York creative directors Susan Young (pictured left) and Daniela Vojta have made laundry more fun than you can imagine. The pair oversaw one of 2013's Super Bowl champs, Tide's "Miracle Stain," a hilarious spot in which a nacho accident becomes a world-changing moment of Montan-ian proportions.

Writer/art director team Luke Behrends and Jared Creason originally conceived the spot as a "Packers vs. Bears" tussle, but "we loved the insight that some of the most intense fan rivalries are between family members," said Ms. Young. "Tide is big on being topical and 'always on,' so we changed the concept to be about the two teams that were actually going to be playing in the Super Bowl."

For an idea that seemed to fall so simply into place, it took a lot of logistical footwork. "We had to negotiate with several iconic team personalities way in advance to secure the stain likenesses, but nothing could be locked until we knew what the final teams would be," said Ms. Vojta. "We had two weeks to shoot and produce a spot that would have required one month of just post-production."

Outside of creating stains, the pair led the pop-art-inspired campaign for one of P&G's biggest product launches in history, for Tide Pods--which also graced the walls of the Art Institute of Chicago during a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition, and they also tapped blue-haired hottie Betty White on an integrated effort featuring more than 50 funny pieces of film. Currently, they're working on a new campaign for Pods.

For a duo that meshes so well, Ms. Young and Ms. Vojta couldn't be more different. Ms. Young originally studied journalism at the University of Minnesota and is "pretty much a slob," while the more refined Ms. Vojta "likes to use things like cutlery and moisturizer" and studied industrial and graphic design at for industrial and graphic design at ESDI (Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial)--the "Bauhaus of Brazil," said Ms. Young. Yet when they first met at KBS+P seven years ago, we had a lot of respect for each other's work and were good friends," said Ms. Vojta. "Coming to Saatchi together was like exchanging vows."

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