Shilo Makes It Good

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Shilo: We Make It Good
Shilo: We Make It Good
When deciding on an outlet to showcase its talents, creative production studio Shilo didn't want to settle on a traditional portfolio or reel-type situation. Instead, they decided to combine their goal of celebrating past commercial work with the desire to create something new. The result is a new book and DVD combo published by You Work For Them and Gingko Press called We Make It Good. The work plays with the concept of Shilo's sad-to-happy logo through a collection of voices and short films from within the studio to illustrate what Shilo calls "design-infused storytelling."
"Shilo has a somewhat ironic take on the sad-to-happy experience," says creative director and co-founder André Stringer. "What seems like such a simple concept is actually very layered and complex. With that in mind, We Make It Good became an opportunity for us to both show our commercial work and to create our own distinct visions. In the process, we were able to really extend the creative palette and embrace a whole bunch of new creative styles. Anything we were interested in, we just started making."
The book takes both the studio's commercial and original design work and portrays each as individual pieces of design, while the DVD showcases behind the scenes looks at commercial work for brands like Scion and Converse, as well as four original short films. One of the films, City of Good, is an animated romp through a bizarro urban landscape.
"City of Good is a chain-reaction of emotions," says Stringer. "The constant travelling and transformation of all these eccentric characters was the primary motivator for us to create this running, fast-paced piece. Like the others, it's a very simple concept and story about good and evil, happy and sad, but told in a very different and unusual way. For all of these pieces, we have the common theme of emotional transformation; the idea that even in the darkest hours, there is the chance for evolution. That said, however, we weren't out to change the world when we created these visions. We were just out to have fun and experiment."
The book will be available by the end of June at select design book retailers and directly from You Work For Them.
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