The 2009 Creativity 50: Alex Bogusky, Rob Reilly and Andrew Keller

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From left: Andrew Keller, Rob Reilly and Alex Bogusky
From left: Andrew Keller, Rob Reilly and Alex Bogusky
What more can we say about Crispin, Porter Bogusky? Track down our Agency of the Year issue (December 2008) for a full exposition of what the agency is doing to further the cause, from increasingly disruptive ideas that get under the public's skin and lead to widespread media exposure to design-centric intellectual property solutions. For instance, as we're going to press the agency's partnership with Trek bicycles and health care provider Humana, B-Cycle, is finalizing its rollout of 500 shared bikes this summer in Denver, Colorado, and Facebook has just suspended a popular online campaign for Burger King that asked users to remove ten friends for a free Whopper.

Bogusky, on barriers to clients trusting agencies on things that aren't "business as usual": "I don't really see any barriers. There may be roadblocks to overcome but my mind just doesn't work this way. I'm looking for the momentum and energy that's already out there and working with that. The biggest win already has been to some surprise our most audacious enterprise. The joint venture with Trek bicycles and Humana has already become the most prominent U.S. bike share program with pilot programs in Louisville and commitments to put over 2000 bikes in Miami Beach and Denver and the U.S. Park Service. I think this is very, very, early in the process and it's pretty outrageous to think where it can go."

Reilly, on the tone of this year's Burger King work: "Burger King is constantly encouraging us to push its brand forward. And when you have a product like the Whopper, it is easy to take that encouragement and turn it into competitive efforts. Some may see it as confrontational. We see it as just presenting the facts in a provocative way. I would give Burger King all the credit for any success we have had. They see the value in being aggressively innovative in a time of economic fear."

Keller, on keeping the ideas flowing: "We have an intense respect for great ideas. So when we are lucky enough to have one, we make sure it gets made. The rest takes care of itself."

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