The 2009 Creativity 50: Carlos Ulloa

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When London-based interactive developer Carlos Ulloa first launched the real-time 3D engine for Flash called Papervision 3D in 2005, his goal was to populate the web with 3D interactive that was richer for users and more interesting and challenging for production teams. But he wasn't going to do it alone.

"The program was released as open source a year later," says Ulloa, who now heads a core team of five developers, as well as another six that make up what's called the "committer team." "My comrades on this project started to work on it just after the (open source) announcement, and the team has been growing ever since. All of them are very talented developers and their amazing work has transformed the original engine into the fine and complex tool it is today." From relatively humble beginnings, Papervision is now found everywhere from personal sites to those for major commercial brands like Sony Bravia, Renault, Footlocker and Redbull. For the latter, it was used for a virtual Flugtag Flight Lab, which allowed users to create their own online entry to the energy drink's infamous flight machine contest. R/GA tapped Papervision 2.0 to create the Nike "Kicks Creator" site that allows visitors to paint a custom Nike Dunk by interacting directly with a 3D model.

Ulloa, on the state of Papervision today: "The engine is always evolving and continuously updated. We're 11 members between both teams and have a very active community of developers, whose feedback is invaluable. Fine-tuning is almost an everyday task, but there's also the more solid, steadier objective of making the technology mature. I think that is an objective we've managed to achieve this year, as you can see in the sites featured on the PV3D blog. We're starting to see fewer carousels and more complex and engaging sites and webs in 3D."

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