The 2009 Creativity 50: Fredrik Bond

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Fredrik Bond has been here before. Once again, the director makes our annual list. His young London production company, Sonny, has shot quickly into the spotlight, grabbing a significant amount of creative attention thanks to standout spots from an exciting talent lineup featuring directors like Jeff Labbe and Guy Manwaring and, of course, Bond himself. The director did plenty to boost the profile of his own venture with another year of exciting European work, including two standouts: "Fridge Magnet," which had a city's refrigerators magnetically flinging themselves at a Guinness truck, and "First Time" for Levi's, which plays on the viewers' perception of an intimate moment between two teens. Both spots landed Bond a DGA nomination, and both perfectly illustrate how the director can adapt to spots of various tones, sizes and styles and still deliver the goods. Bond also teamed with Mother London to shoot Stella Artois' "Triple Filtered" where a man falls gracefully to collect his pint, and then with DDB London on Philips' "Karis," for which Bond followed a transvestite model around for the brand's new lady shaver. The director continued to make his mark on U.S. work as well, on the many ways to love running for New Balance and BBDO, New York, and a few feel-good turns for Grey, New York and Crown Royal.

Last year, Bond talked about how he's changed over time in his ability to be more open to a larger variety of scripts. When asked which project pushed him the most in 2008, he said, "I think that Phillips 'Karis' was one of those I would have passed on a few years back. Only because I didn't know how to tackle a feminine lifestyle commercial and make it any different. Thanks to Helen [Kenny] my producer and Sonny partner, who persuaded me to go for it. I guess by not being familiar with that genre, it made me work extra hard and dig deeper into it, to really figure out what the idea was about. So in this particular case, I decided the best way was really to get under the skin of Karis. I spent a lot of time just hanging out with her asking stupid questions and went to her shows, etc. A whole new world opened up to me. It turned out to be a great and inspiring experience."

Bond, on 2009: "I really hope that 2009 will be the year of greatness. Despite the tough times I meet a lot of positivity and great thinking out there. My plan is simple. I'm going to work even harder to make great scripts into even better films and continue collaborating with the best crew and agency creatives."

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