The 2009 Creativity 50: Tom Kuntz

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Credit: Matt Dillmore
Tom Kuntz isn't just like everybody else. The MJZ director makes his second appearance on the Creativity 50 thanks to another year of impeccably imagined comedic moments. He recently earned his second DGA nom and helped to conceive Goodby's calcium-fortified rock hero, White Gold, creating a milk-sparkly universe in spots and a pair of music videos. He was also at the helm for one of our favorite Masterfoods characters of all time, Skittles' pinata man, who inspired both empathy and chuckles in his plea to be treated like just one of the boys. Turns out, the actor behind it all wasn't an easy sell. "The process of convincing all the powers that be that this actor, with his strange Ronald Reagan delivery, was the way to go, took some work," Kuntz says. "It seems very much a part of the concept now, but at the time it was a curveball that everyone had to embrace."

Beyond that, Kuntz steered a series of killer deadpan spots for Fallon/London and The National Confectionary Company, in which gummies get on each others' nerves, with the help of British comedian V.O. talent Matt Berry. He also directed a swaggering set of A-Ha singing lips, for the eponymous Xbox 360 karaoke game, and his latest exploits saw him re-teaming with Fallon and revisiting candyland, on a brow-twitching installment out of Cadbury's Glass and a Half Full Productions.

Kuntz, on his creative growth in 2008: "I really just try to keep my head down and keep my work as good as it can be. I don't really think about it much more than that. I try to choose projects that I find new, or interesting, or challenging, so I suppose in some way that is me instinctively trying to grow."

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