The 2009 Creativity 50

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Welcome to the fourth annual Creativity 50. As always, our intention is to stock this list with those people who made a significant mark on the creative consciousness of our industry and our culture as a whole. They are ad creatives, filmmakers, image makers, artists, game and tech pioneers, and others who just made us think differently about some established way of doing things.

Our philosophy of including people from the widest possible sphere of endeavor means, of course, that we leave many great people from any given discipline off the list. Regrettable. But it also means that there's more mind-expanding perspective and opinion per page. Given how much your jobs have expanded and how many more things you've got your fingers into, we're sure you'll find a lot of the talk from our 50 honorees not only generally inspiring, but directly applicable to your own lives.

Congrats to our 50 (plus) achievers and as always, let us know who you think should or shouldn't be on the list next year.

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1) Zhang Huan, Artist 2) Benjamin Palmer,The Barbarian Group 3)Jamie Barrett, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 4) Paola Antonelli, MOMA 5) Shepard Fairey, Artist 6) David Fincher, Director 7) Tina Fey, Comedian/Writer/Producer 8) David Byrne, Musician/Artist 9) Jonathan Blow, Indie Game Developer 10) Andrew Stanton, Director/Animator 11) Fredrik Bond, Director 12) David Turner and 13) Bruce Duckworth, Designers 14) Nate Silver, Statistician15) Rachel Maddow, Journalist/Political Commentator

Cover Illustration by Von (Click either image for an extra large version.) Von is represented by Bernstein & Andriulli

Read all the 2009 Creativity 50 profiles.
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