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Somewhere in Austin, Texas there is a man who, through his various animated characters, has spread wisdom and knowledge across the Interweb. Wisdom like Sodom was named after sodomy, while Gomorrah was named for an even weirder move. Knowledge like how the mantra "Be aggressive" can take one to the heights of any local role-play tourney. The man is Brad Neely and his characters Baby Cakes and The Professor Brothers have built a loyal audience at Turner's over the last year. His twisted online universe also landed Neely a writing stint in the magical land of South Park. In his writing and animation, Neely avoids anything resembling a formula. "I try to make each (episode) different, not just in terms of content, but also in how it moves or what type of jokes there are or type of storytelling it is," he says. "That's just as much for me as the audience. I don't want to get bored and neither do they. There are so many different ways to tell a quick little story, and in order to keep it fun I approach it as a brand new thing every time." This year, he'll be crafting a fourpart miniseries of The Professor Brothers that will combine to form an 11-minute episode for TV as well as continue work on his years-in-the-making Civil War comedy novel. Yep, a Civil War comedy novel.

On what inspires him: "I prefer to be a liker of things as opposed to a hater of things, so I end up being a fan of most movies and books. I can watch Regis and Kelly and get inspired."

On working on South Park: "Having never worked on TV before, having never worked with other writers before and having never worked with fast-thinking, fucking metageniuses, was very, very scary. It went well, though. Those guys are just as nice as they are brilliant."

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