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Coke's Jonathan Mildenhall and Pio Schunker on Spreading Happiness

From the Polar Bowl to the Coca-Cola Security Cam, Execs Share Favorite Efforts From Past Year

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Across the globe, Coca-Cola is a harbinger of happiness, its messaging spreading bits of joy across multiple platforms. Its recent work has ranged from a friendly tweak to its iconic swirls in a Cannes Lions Grand Prix-winning outdoor poster, to production-line maneuvers Down Under that put real people's names on bottles of Coke. The happy ideas led Coca-Cola to its most-awarded year in Cannes -- the brand took home 30 Lions.

Jonathan Mildenhall (l.) and Pio Schunker
Jonathan Mildenhall (l.) and Pio Schunker

Here, VP-Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence Jonathan Mildenhall and Senior Vice President, Head of Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola North America Pio Schunker, share their favorite ways Coke has spread good cheer globally this past year.

'Security Cam' (Latin America)
This idea is big. What would security cameras capture if they were powered by Coca-Cola? Well it wouldn't be the bad in the world. Not through Coke's lens. No, Coca-Cola security cams would record all the world's goodness. They'd capture the amazing things people do because people are inherently good, and good people are happy people. -- Jonathan Mildenhall

'Coca-Cola Polar Bowl' (U.S.)
Take the Super Bowl broadcast and mix in two uber-fans in the form of the Coca-Cola Polar Bears. Have them interact with the game and fans in real time through a first-of -its-kind live, streaming event, and you've created an entirely new way for people to experience the Big Game. With millions joining the Coca-Cola Polar Bowl, we scored a winning touchdown by taking Happiness to the championship level. -- Pio Schunker

'Where Will Happiness Strike Next?' (Philippines)
Did you know that there are 11 million migrant workers in the Philippines who can't afford to travel home to see their families? When Coca-Cola realized this, the brand created a national conversation about it and then took three massively deserving people home for Christmas. The resulting documentary smashes your heart and lifts your spirits higher than you can imagine. I've shared this story all over the world and nearly always end up watery eyed from the audience reaction. This work has received standing ovations in India and Brazil. It's through ideas like this that I know Coke will always be the undisputed universal icon of happiness, and I know I'm one of the luckiest folks alive to lead its global creative agenda. -- J.M

'Arctic Home' (U.S.)
People love Coca-Cola and people love polar bears. We used that simple notion to make a big, bold gesture. We turned our iconic red Coca-Cola cans white and asked people to join us to help raise funds to create a safe haven for the polar bear. With "Arctic Home," Happiness came from knowing that the simple pleasure of drinking a Coca-Cola could also help protect the polar bear and its habitat. Together, Coca-Cola and its fans helped raise more than $2 million for the World Wildlife Fund. --P.S.

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