Creativity 50 2010: Filip Nilsson

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In a classic Forsman & Bodenfors touch to a local campaign promoting a new Ikea store opening in Sweden last year, the agency posted a profile on Facebook of the store's manager, Gordon Gustavsson. The manager uploaded pictures of the store's showrooms to his photo album, and any "friends" who were first to tag the products with their names won those items.

Filip Nilsson and the independent Swedish agency he joined almost 20 years ago were among the first to make the successful transition from traditional to completely digital full-service agency, and it shows in their consistently brilliant work for clients like Ikea and Volvo.

"People often treat social media as other media, like a TV campaign that has a three- or four-week time span," Mr. Nilsson said. "Social media needs more time to build, and expand like a virus. We got the traffic we expected for the local campaign, then it took off in Sweden and internationally."

Later the agency appealed to all of Sweden to help get Apple to approve an iPhone app for client Swedish Television's Hulu-like service on iPhones. A Dear Steve Jobs website hosted an open letter to Apple's CEO, a demo of the app and live video of several Swedes standing outside Apple's U.S. headquarters with signs. The site also invited those eagerly awaiting the app to sign online petitions. In a country of 9 million people, about 350,000 signed up in a few days, Mr. Nilsson said. And Apple called STV execs in Sweden to say they loved the campaign and would try to treat the app application favorably.

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