Creativity 50 2010: Ge Wang

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Some people play music on their iPhones, and some people play music on their iPhones. If you've ever done the latter, you probably have Ge Wang to thank, shaw-tayyy. The man who turned the iPhone into a digital ocarina (complete with virtual finger holes to control pitch and a vibrato-activated accelerometer) struck a major chord with the hip-hop circuit last year with his I Am T-Pain app. With just the click of a button, anyone could make even the most mundane sentences sound like a line from "Buy You a Drank," a novelty quickly picked up by "Saturday Night Live," Jimmy Fallon and the guys at "AutoTune the News." Whether he's conducting a laptop orchestra at Macworld or at Stanford (where he's an associate professor of music) or just playing the "leaf trombone" (another virtual iPhone instrument), Mr. Wang is on the leading edge of changing how music is performed and shared.

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