Creativity 50 2010: Jonathan Ive

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"Apple and Ive" may not be quite as iconic as the similar-sounding biblical pair, but give it time.

Less than two decades have passed since Jonathan Ive joined Apple, and in that time more than half a dozen celebrated products, from the iMac to the iPhone, have been introduced courtesy of the London-born designer.

This year's introduction of the iPad mobile-computing tablet was no exception—a typical Ive stellar design that launched with typical Apple secrecy and, therefore, garnered the typical underwhelmed and disappointed initial reaction by the media and digerati. The iPod and iPhone faced similar initial criticism and ended up changing the music and telecommunications industries, respectively. The iPad is poised to do the same for computing. Apple's reinvention of the tablet has the entire computer industry rushing to redesign and rethink the mobile-computing category. Already more than a dozen different brands plan to launch similarly sleek all-in-one internet tablets, or what are also being called NetTabs, this year. As one analyst said, "The iPad is lighting a fire under this industry."

As the senior VP of industrial design himself said in the iPad intro video: "The iPad is, on one hand, clearly way bigger than just a new product—it's a new category. And yet millions and millions of people are going to be instantly familiar with it. They're going to know how to use it. In many ways, this defines our vision, our sense of what's next."

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