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CAA Marketing Cooks Up Magic for Chipotle With 'Back to Start'

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Jesse Coulter, Jae Goodman and David Messinger
Jesse Coulter, Jae Goodman and David Messinger
Hollywood talent behemoth CAA began a flurry of recruiting from the agency world some five years ago for its corporate client division, CAA Marketing, making our radars extra sensitive to the increasingly close convergence of the entertainment and marketing worlds -- and to whether or not brands could truly benefit from such alliances. Since then, the division delivered a number of interesting and sometimes complicated moves, for the likes of eBay, Delta, Harley Davidson and others, but it finally came into its own this past year with Chipotle's "Back to the Start." The endearing animated short directed by Johnny Kelly and backed by Willie Nelson's moving cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist" told the story of an industrial farmer getting back to family farming roots. Not only did the film offer up the best music on the Grammys this year (it made a TV appearance during the show's broadcast), it was the darling of the advertising awards circuit, taking top accolades at the Andy 's, One Show Entertainment and Cannes.

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