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Designer Mauro Porcini Names His Biggest Design Influences

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This month 3M's Mauro Porcini takes on the chief design officer role at PepsiCo, to create a culture of design at the food and beverage giant. So what are his biggest design influences?

Mauro Porcini
Mauro Porcini
Leonardo da Vinci
One of the greatest design thinkers ever. In love with the world, he passed his life in a perpetual quest for what I like to call "holistic innovation." From the "Mona Lisa" to the projects of Flying Machines, his production has been always the manifest of a never ending search for solutions that could be simply beautiful and new to the world.

The micro-cosmos
Nature surrounds us with a universe of amazing colors, patterns, materials, shapes and sounds that often are so small in scale as to be completely transparent to most of us. In the skin of a small bug, in the texture of a leaf, in the structure of a fiber, in the details of nature, observed with a lens or captured with a camera with a decent macro, I love to find joy and inspiration. ... The beaches of Bora Bora are full of micro-shells. To most they are simple grains of beautiful white sand, but if you stop and take the time to observe them one by one you can see amazing natural sculptures. I picked one of them, placed it at the center of a canvas, out of scale, framed in wood painted gold, to finally celebrate "the beautiful shell" and with it the whole beauty of the micro-cosmos.

Milan Design Week
A unique event -- a full city and hundreds of thousands of people from the design community worldwide convene to celebrate any conceivable aspect of design.

Already thousands of years ago Plato realized that love is the real engine of the whole universe. …The design I dream and I practice is the one that Plato thousands of years ago called "love."

Audrey Hepburn
Elegant, spontaneous, sophisticated, ironic, beautiful, natural, not staged. What a wonderful metaphor for amazing design.

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