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Nick Woodman, CEO, GOPRO

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You may not know who Nicholas Woodman is, but chances are you've seen his impact on modern media. Woodman is the founder and CEO of GoPro, maker of those wearable, nearly indestructible HD cameras that took root in the world of extreme sports and flourished thanks to the advent of YouTube and social media.

Listening to his customers, Mr. Woodman transitioned from rugged, wrist-mounted still cameras to extra-rugged HD video cameras that could be worn and make the photographer the subject. According to Popular Mechanics, the company "sold more than 800,000 cameras last year to users who then upload videos to YouTube once every 2 1/2 minutes." And not all of those consumers--or the company's 2.5 million fans on Facebook--are amateurs. "To continually be resetting what we think is possible and then get there and keep going … it just feels really good," he told Outside TV in an interview. Where's GoPro going next? It just released a Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit, which will allow control of multiple cameras and streaming directly to smartphones, tablets and the web. Who knows what that will lead to?

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