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Suran Goonatilake Brings You Closer to That Perfect Fit of Jeans

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Suran Goonatilake
Suran Goonatilake
Suran Goonatilake is the CEO of Bodymetrics, creator of pods that 3D-map your body to find your measurements and eventually, the perfect pair of jeans. The technology has been deployed in Selfridges in the U.K. and has made its way stateside through a collaboration with Bloomingdale's. Now, Bodymetrics is partnering with Kinect for Windows to bring the technology into people's homes.

The idea, which has the potential to transform retail entirely, could also have large-scale impact on manufacturing processes, since measurement data could then be used to determine stocking and optimize inventory.

"In a few years," said Mr. Goonatilake, "people will wonder how we ever lived without it."

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