Creativity 50 2013: Everett Katigbak

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Got notified of a Facebook notification via an adorable little "Ping!" sound? You can thank Everett Katigbak. The 33-year-old designer was responsible for the majority of the sounds used by the social-networking site today, from the old-phone ringing of video calls to the pleasant double-tone of a new message. Mr. Katigbak, who worked at Facebook in the communications-design team when it was just four people, said that the base chord for Facebook's audio identity is Fmaj7 --the notes, serendipitously, spell out "Face." 

But Facebook sounds aren't all Mr. Katigbak worked on during his five-year sojourn at the company. Along with designer Ben Barry, he founded the Analog Research Lab, which used screen printing, letterpress and other traditional design techniques to create branded marketing materials for use at f8, the company's developer's conference, and also eventually influenced the site's brand identity. He also worked on every Facebook campus and satellite office design. 

While the design team at Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds—the company announced last year it would be hiring designers in New York -- Mr. Katigbak has moved on, to Pinterest, in the hopes that he will be able to influence that little company the way he did Facebook. "I loved the early stages of Facebook when it was still figuring itself out," he said. "When we were designing stuff we were essentially designing the company."

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