Creativity 50 2013: Gerry Graf/Eric Kallman

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Ask Gerry Graf, chief creative officer at Barton F. Graf 9000, what the most astonishing part of the past 12 months has been for him at the growing shop, and he says it’s the fact that he and Exec Creative Director Eric Kallman are still married to their wives. “It’s been super fun but nuts,” said Mr. Graf, who has led the shop in a whirlwind of great, irreverent work for Kayak and Little Caesars. But perhaps its most stunning success has been for what might be the stodgiest product ever: pasta sauce.

Comments on the brand’s Facebook page from moms that did wacky things to get their kids to eat were turned into hilarious spots by the agency, which later introduced a campaign called “Long Day of Childhood,” which recounted the trials and tribulations of a kid’s life, in hilarious song form. They even managed, via their own recognizable brand of comedy, to stir up some controversy with one execution, which featured a kid walking in on his parents having sex. Creativity with tomato sauce? Who would have thought?

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