Creativity 50 2013: Greg Nicotero

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Greg Nicotero sucks the life out of people. The Hollywood vet started out on AMC's "The Walking Dead" as head makeup-effects supervisor, making sure the show's walkers look, move and feed like proper zombies should. That requires such scientific knowledge as knowing milk's viscosity compared to water's (the former works better as blood, Mr. Nicotero said), teaching Undead Choreography 101 to extras at the show's "Zombie School" and showing newbie walkers the correct way to devour human flesh ("Watch NatGeo" is Mr. Nicotero's tip for that one).

Today, he has an even more prominent role as one of the show's executive producers and directors, but he'll still take time to play the part himself -- as in one particularly carnivorous appearance as a deer-eating ghoul. Zombies are just one of his specialties. At his company, KNB EFX Group, he oversees makeup effects on features, too, most recently on Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained."

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