Creativity 50 2013: Mike DiGiovanni

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The common wisdom is that necessity is the mother of innovation. But the most innovative products and services can be those that consumers never knew they wanted, like enabling people to take a photograph with the bat of an eyelash.

Mike DiGiovanni, technologist at digital agency Roundarch Isobar, did exactly that when he built the aptly-named Google Glass app Winky. By combining Glass's motion-sensor and photo-taking functions, it allows Glass wearers to take a photo with an exaggerated wink of the eye. Mr. DiGiovanni also created Bulletproof, an app that locks Glass once a user takes the device off because he was worried someone might take his Glass and use it to access his personal information. Turns out fear is conducive to innovation, as well. 

And in the name of fostering even-greater creativity, Mr. DiGiovanni graciously put Bulletproof's source code on developer-community site GitHub for anyone to access.

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