Creativity 50 2013: Shonda Rhimes

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Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes Credit: Danny Field, ABC

One of the most influential showrunners in history, Shonda Rhimes broke ground last spring with her new hit, "Scandal," the first network drama in 40 years to star an African-American woman. But the allure isn't ethnicity, it's the freshness of a black woman being represented in a storyline for who she is.  

The season finale of the political thriller drew 9.1 million viewers and the show is highly socially active. Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is a complex character who's not above the scandals and lies she tries to fix. Ms. Rhimes' TV series have a history of featuring diverse casts and interracial relationships. Case in point: "Grey's Anatomy," which is entering its 10th season in the fall, a rare milestone these days.

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