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Creativity 50 2014: Craig Dubitsky

Founder, Hello Products

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Craig Dubitsky
Craig Dubitsky

Craig Dubitsky has long worked on so-called challenger brands such as Method home care, Help Remedies, Eos lip balm and the company he's most recently founded: Hello Products oral care.

But he sees them as "questioner brands." For oral care, for example, he wondered why the marketing language and imagery was about combat. "I looked around and all I saw was extracted teeth," he said. "It's like selling a car by putting dead bodies all over the showroom."

So he opted for a "friendly" positioning, starting with a breath freshener that shot to the top of the sleepy category in just over a year, and now has sights set on toothpaste and mouthwash. Mr. Dubitsky describes himself as ADD -- Always Dreaming in Design -- looking at how the everyday products he encounters can be improved. "I think everything is art," he said. "Everything can be better and more beautiful."

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