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Creativity 50 2014: Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia

Founders, MobileROI

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Sonpreet Bhatia and Puneet Mehta
Sonpreet Bhatia and Puneet Mehta

Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia co-founded MobileROI, which offers marketing-data software and MyCityWay, a mobile platform designed to streamline data for city-dwellers. But the NY-based power couple are not your average tech geeks. He tinkers with vintage motorcycles and was a hip-hop DJ; and she uses data to hack her sleep and plan meals.

The married duo, who met while working at the IBM Watson Lab, adhere to a natural ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. So it's no wonder they see the data surrounding us through a unique lens. "Our home is wired with all kinds of gadgets from an egg tray that alerts us if we are running out of eggs to a location detector that turns off lights automatically if neither of us have been home for over 15 minutes," said Ms. Bhatia. They even hack their moods. Before a big presentation, Ms. Bhatia takes in positive mind data from Robin Williams standup, and the two preset music to play in their West Village home based on how hectic their calendar looks that day.

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