Creativity 50: Joe Sexton

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Credit: The New York Times

When he was sports editor at The New York Times, Joe Sexton spent six months overseeing "Snow Fall," a 17,000-word multimedia story published in December 2012 about a deadly avalanche that some media-watchers have called the future of digital storytelling. One month later, Mr. Sexton defied convention further by publishing-- without asking for approval first--a startling blank space on page one of the sports section after baseball's Hall of Fame failed to induct any new members. 

Despite his groundbreaking work, Mr. Sexton insists he's not a particularly creative person. "If I have a talent, it is for saying, 'yes,' and getting the hell out of the way of much more creative people than me," he said. 

Just weeks after the publication of the blank sports cover, Mr. Sexton, who had spent 25 years at the Times, said yes to a buyout offer and accepted a position as senior editor at the nonprofit investigative news site, where he now 

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