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Olajide Williams Promotes Healthful Living Through Hip Hop Public Health Foundation

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Olajide Williams
Olajide Williams
The last thing a 10-year-old wants to hear about is how to be healthy. But by taking a hip-hop beat and partnering with Doug E. Fresh and Chuck D, for the past seven years Dr. Olajide Williams' Hip Hop Public Health Foundation has been helping to curb the risks associated with chronic and acute diseases.

As chief of staff of the department of neurology at Columbia University and director of acute stroke services at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Williams still has time to reach as many as 10,000 students a year through songs, cartoons and video games. All it takes, he said, is the audacity to "step out into a place of uncertainty. I think that 's often what prevents people from realizing their ability to do something creative."

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