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FirstBank: Charlie Is an Actor
FirstBank: Charlie Is an Actor

After a stellar run in 2013-2014 that propelled the company to become among the year's most awarded production companies on Ad Age's 2014 Awards Report (largely off the performances of Ted Pauly, who directed Barton F. Graf's funny, but thought-provoking "Climate Name Change" for and Speck & Gordon, who brought their comedic skills to Pereira & O'Dell sci-fi themed social film for Intel/Toshiba, "The Power Inside), Furlined served up more notable work.

Speck & Gordon infused their sharp humor into a satirical film for Apple's WWDC, starring Bill Hader as an egomaniacal, but bumbling director on the set of an opener for the WWDC. In it he glides through various scenes revealing his ineptness as his loyal sidekick seems to be the one who's really keeping it together.

They were also behind a set of local Super Bowl ads for First Bank, a piss take on the cute dog ads of the big game. The first is the sad tale of a farm boy who convinces his dad to buy him a puppy, but while pops is out to get money at the ATM, another family has nabbed the dog instead. The idea promotes the bank's person-to-person app transfers. A second, post-game ad followed, however, to divert potential backlash against the sad tale. In it, the child actor from the first ad tells viewers to chill out, he's just an actor, he prefers cats anyway and commercials aren't real.

Emotions run high in the work of Martin + Lindsay, who worked with Wieden & Kennedy Portland to illustrate utterly charming tales of friendship, for Facebook, going from the gripping in one wrestling-themed ad, to the funny, in another illustrating a karaoke night out.

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