Creativity 50 2010: Vivian Rosenthal and Jesse Seppi

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Since its founding in 2001 by Jesse Seppi and Vivian Rosenthal, two Columbia Graduate School of Architecture alums, immersive design studio Tronic has channeled its expertise in digital tools, filmmaking and physical structures into creating hybrid experiences that can reach far beyond a flat screen. While the studio is well-equipped to create effects-laden stories within the confines of 2D—evident, for example in the haunting, 2K Games Spec Ops Trailer depicting the destruction of Dubai, co-created with Marco Brambilla, or the short film for I Am, about nature's disintegration in the increasingly man-made world —Tronic's breadth of talent goes on full display when you tack on a dimension or two. If you've frequented the moving walkway at N.Y.'s JFK terminal, you might have spent some time with one of the studio's early projects, for Microsoft Vista, an immersive digital experience that spanned 230 feet across 40 plasma screens. More recently, Tronic unveiled a large-scale installation for HP that merges physical sculpture with digital media.

On what gets them going creatively: We're excited by creating experiences. These could be purely digital or physical or a hybrid of the two. Immersive experiences, whether they be social media, digital products and platforms, games or interactive installations will be the shared language of communication in the near future. They will connect and engage people with each other and the brands they identify with.

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