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It's been a rather eventful year since Droga last appeared in this spot. Soon after its Grand Prix win for Ecko "Still Free," D5 launched its next attention getter, the Tap Project. The all encompassing campaign was designed to give back, and it did—it gave millions in donations and awareness to Unicef's World Water Day and it fed back all sorts of recognition for the New York startup. Tap itself spawned another outside the norm project,Million, which has D5 harnessing the power of mobile phones to improve education in the New York public school system. Kids get a specially branded and configured phone which, during class, disallows social usage and provides study help, and in off hours, offers free stuff based on educational achievement. Lest you think they're a too earnest bunch, the D5 crew also put together some of the funniest ads of the year. For client TracFone/Net 10, the agency created a multi-pronged "No Evil" campaign that portrayed big mobile as the lowest of the low. In an animated series for Net10, a motley assortment of bad guys known as the League of Evil do battle with a more insidious foe—their mobile providers. Another oddly moving campaign introduces us to some remarkable real people—like Dr. Bonnie the infectious diseases fighter and Marlene the volunteer grandmother—who are getting a rogering from their cell companies. D5 also produced a campaign for the U.S. launch of Steinlager, "Win Nick's Life." There was also a wee web site called Honeyshed. The agency's much discussed venture into online shopping, a partnership with Smuggler, launched this winter to mixed reviews and some confusion, but represented a compelling approach to branded content. Droga is now charged with making the shopping hub a regular stop for acquisitive youngsters. All told, the agency's way with ideas and execution earned it Agency of the Year honors in this here publication.

On establishing a forward-looking culture: "We are still a very young company so our culture is still in its first trimester.We are fortunate to have assembled a self-motivated, self-critical, restless group of bright people. Our priority is not to be less predictable but rather give ourselves more chance of doing something right for our client."

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