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E.L. James, Author, 50 Shades of Grey

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E.L. James
E.L. James

A year ago, would anyone have predicted that the world's most talked-about book would be an erotic (albeit light) bondage and S&M novel by an online fan-fiction writer? Or that it would be the subject of countless parodies (by the likes of "Saturday Night Live" and Funny or Die) and even a quip by Neil Patrick Harris at the Tony awards? But that is precisely what E.L. James, British author of "Fifty Shades of Grey" (and its two follow-up novels), has achieved.

As e-readers encouraged women to read erotica in public, the book, often referred to as "Mommy Porn," became a viral phenomenon, and is now Kindle's best-selling title of all time, with a movie in the works. While former TV executive Ms. James may not win any Pulitzers for her writing, she's got the rest of the world and their mothers (literally) talking.

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