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Fredrik Bond is a reluctant self-promoter. After a knockout year directing stunners for JCPenney ("The Aviator"), Brylcreem("Effortless"), Carling ("Out" and "Space") and the live action portions of Milk's "Get the Glass," the director plays down his stellar 2007 as a good couple of months. He opened his British production company Sonny London in February with director Emil Moller and executive producer Helen Kenny and added five new directors before the calendar was spent (and another, Guy Manwaring, this year). Pressed for some sort of deeper reflection about where the magic came from in 2007—Carling's group of adventuring chaps can't emerge from a vacuum—the director, repped by MJZ in the States, says he was choosier in 2007, taking on only jobs he loved, with a stronger commitment to the jobs he pursued. And did that mean a reduction in volume, a long period of reflection between jobs? Nope.

Bond, on how he's changed over the year: "I'm probably more open to various kinds of scripts and ideas than I was before. Before I was like, This is a Fredrik Bond film. This is not a Fredrik Bond film. Now I'm enjoying working with different kinds of ideas, from storytelling to more conceptual stuff. I've probably broadened my view on scripts more than I have before. But I think that's always more important when you're starting out—you cut out a niche for yourself. It would have been a disaster if I had worked on every kind of genre before. I think it's good to put on your stamp and make some recognition of your work then branch out when you can."

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